Big smiles can be seen all seasons ... on Lake Michigan

Big fish on the line -- mom and daughter look on.
Fishing is great for everyone, maybe it's a family outing, team building after work, college buddies, or good friends.. tell us about your favorite fishing day ..


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May is when husky brown trout cruise the shoreline. This is a great time to capture these battlers. We also catch hard fighting chinook salmon and lake trout.
June is the month for consistent lake trout action. These tasty trophies often fill the box if salmon become scarce. Sky-rocketing steelhead congregate offshore and provide spectacular action when weather allows us to reach these hard-fighting fish.

July is smorgasbord time you can catch trout and salmon of all kinds. In fact, it’s a lot of fun trying to guess what will hit next!
August is great for big salmon. Mature chinook pushing 30 pounds are the quarry and provide the thrill of a lifetime. Coho are an added bonus to the box as they prepare to travel up streams to spawn.
September chinook congregate at rivermouths. That’s when fast-trolled plugs provoke savage strikes and fast action.
And into October sky-rocking steelhead move closer to shore and offer outstanding fishing until the end of the season.

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